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AirDrop for iPad is an amazing file sharing application. Download AirDrop for iPad Free. In AirDrop iPad you can easily transfer files between all Apple devices wirelessly within a minute. AirDrop iOS is ultimately cool application, and most of the people do not know the features of the app. But the application is not hard to use because most of the people won’t look it. Most of the time people will share photos with your friends, but we send it through text message. Here you have an easy way to share your data with the person who is behind you easily with the help of AirDrop. AirDrop iOS not only used for sharing photos, with this, you can transfer almost anything. For instance, through AirDrop, you can share the website from your iPad to some of your friend’s phone or any other Apple devices, here you can also add bookmarks for future reading. Then you can able to AirDrop text from Notes to others iPhone or iPad. With that, you AirDrop anything from your playlist to the location that pinned in the Apple Maps, and it allows you share your contact information through AirDrop.

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

The AirDrop app that uses Bluetooth that helps you to create the peer-to-peer connection or you can connect it via WiFi between the devices. Then every device will help you to create the firewall around the connections and encrypt the sending files it will be safer than transferring data through email. The application can able to detect the nearby support devices and the device needed to be close enough to establish the good connection. So Download AirDrop on your iPad and experience the features.

Download AirDrop for iPad now

Specifications of AirDrop for iPad

Application Name: AirDrop
Developer: Apple Distribution 
Version: 2.2
Categories: Utilities
Languages: English
File size: 69 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of AirDrop

The salient features of AirDrop iPad are listed below

Share Content: The AirDrop app is used to share the contents of the app such as Photos, Safari, Contacts and much more. To share the content first, you have to open the app and if you want to share multiple items just make a tap to Select and then tap the items to share. In the latest version, you can able to share the links to the apps via AirDrop, by the press and hold the app icon on the home screen. To Share, you need to select the AirDrop user and just share the content with them.

Receive Content: If you are sharing content with the help of AirDrop, here you will receive an alert with some preview of the sharing content, and you need to select the Accept or Decline button by a single tap. In the case, if you select Accept you will receive the content from the app that they sent. For instance, the photos will normally appear in Ph app, and the Websites will appear in Safari app. Then the link of the app will be available on the App Store so you can download it or purchase it.

Set Receiving Options: The application that allows you to set the receiving options for that to go to Settings > General > AirDrop here you can choose that who can able to see your device in the and send the contents. Then you can set the AirDrop receiving options from the Control Center. To open the Control Center just swipe from the bottom of the screen and then just touch and hold the network settings card that located on the upper-left corner and then selects AirDrop. Then select the three options such as Receiving Off, Contacts Only and Everyone.

Get Help: In case if you cannot be able to see the person or any device that you are trying to share via AirDrop to solve this issue follow the below content. First, check that both of the devices having WiFi and Bluetooth and just turn on both the options. Your hotspot is turned on just make a tap to off your hotspot. Then make sure that the person who you are sending is nearby, and you cannot be able to AirDrop to the person who is out of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

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Download AirDrop For iPad

AirDrop iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later. Download AirDrop for iOS here

Click the link below to Download AirDrop For iPad

Download AirDrop App for iPad

Screenshots of AirDrop

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

Download AirDrop for iPad

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