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Cydia For iPad: iPad has proven as the highly popular iOS device, that is especially with the launch of new iPad Pro models. Like the iPhone, iPad that it can also jailbreak. Here the best of all, by following the Annual try meeting of the Library of Congress in October 2015, for the first time, it is ordered that it is legal to the jailbreak the iPad as well as the iPhone.Pangu is the world’s most famous & reliable Jailbreak platform at this moment. It is unbeaten on iOS jailbreak field. Pangu has jailbroken to all iOS versions from iOS 7.1 over iOS 8.1 with Cydia For iPad download & install. Except for Pangu, not allowed for your loving Cydia to download on iOS 7.1-7.1.2 and iOS 8-8.1 is running iDevices. That is why we like to say thanks, Pangu.! for make chance to get our favorite, fantastic Cydia on Apples great product of iPads. Some of them will be already be donning the iOS 9.1 jailbreak, though others will need to update beyond which and are now expecting for the next one, at the time of this stage, we have no news on when or if there will be added jailbreak before iOS 10 published in June.

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

There are yet others who are running in a very lower version of the iOS, right back to iOS 6+, only because either their iPad does not carry the higher iOS version or they are perfectly fit on the lower one. There are many jailbreaks are going back to iOS 6 that can yet use on these iPads that running the appropriate version of the iOS but every jailbreak that has come out to date does support the Apple tablet. It is also known that the iOS 10 jailbreak when it is released, will also be carried on the iPad.

Features of Cydia for iPad

The Special features of Cydia for iPad,

Themes: It is one of the simplest things that everyone will do this they can be able to change their theme of the iPhone or iPad. Apple allows you to modify the wallpaper. It shows that if you search in Cydia, you can lead you to pack like Winterboard or the Dreamboard themes: It has a beautiful collection of Themes that can drain you all the time.

Tweaks: How on changing the carrier logo to something special? Or by changing the font? Then they are using the custom icon. Or it maybe wants to modify the way that how to lock screen looks and behaves.

App: Cydia for iPad has tons of apps that are drastically transforming the way of your iPhone/iPad works. For example, biteSMS alters the way you text, reply, forward or to manage them. In case, if you use the biteSMS, you’ll start to see the limitations of the stock Messages app. Maybe you will even end up husking out the $7.99 needed to remove ads in biteSMS

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LS Themes: This is one of the most familiar things in Cydia. It has thousands of lock screen themes and it just totally changes the way of your LS appears. Here you can make disappear of the icons like camera and clock, and you can adjust the slider looks.

Functionality: Retain when Apple said FaceTime was restricted to Wi-Fi only? Jailbreak tweaks like FaceTime 3G broke free of that rule and let users make FaceTime calls via 3G networks. And then there are something like SBSettings, NCSettings, etc. which enable you to toggle Settings from the Notification Center.

Download Cydia for iPad

Click the link below to Download Cydia for iPad

Download Cydia for iPad

ScreenShots of Cydia

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPad

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