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Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser evolved by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox for iPad was released in 2015, but it doesn’t use Gecko due to some Apple’s restriction by limiting the third party browsers to the WebKit-based layout engine. In Firefox, you will experience a smart, fast and personal web. Firefox is the first browser made by Mozilla and independent too; it is one of the most trusted internet companies for privacy. Download Mozilla Firefox for iPad and join millions of people who trust Firefox for their personal browsing experience.

Firefox for iPad

Firefox is made for you with your mind and provides the power to control the web experience. So, the product has been designed with smart features that help you to take the guesswork out of web browsing.

Features of Firefox for iPad

Sync Firefox across your devices – With a Firefox account, you can access bookmarks, history, open tabs on smartphone and tablet from your desktop and you can also remember passwords across devices.

Intuitive visual tabs – You can open an infinite number of tabs without any of your web pages. Find content for further reference easily with numbered tabs and intuitive visual.

Private Browsing – In Private browsing mode, your history, cookies and passwords won’t be remembered. If so, you can also delete your browsing history and passwords with a single tap. But ios 9 is required for Private browsing mode.

Search Intelligently and get there faster – It understands your needs and provides multiple suggested search results through search engines. You can also add any search provider and easily access it through shortcuts.

Easy access to your top sites – Instead of looking for them, just spend time in reading it.

Download Firefox for iPad

Click the link below to download Firefox for iPad

Download Firefox for iPad

How to install Firefox for iPad

It is very simple and easy to install Firefox on your iPad

Click here to download Google Earth for iPad

Step 1: Search for Firefox for iOS by opening the App Store on your device.

Step 2: Tap Get and again tap Install

Step 3: Then, enter your Apple ID Password and tap OK.

Step 4: After downloading is over tap on Open Button. So, that the Firefox app will open immediately.

You will find the Firefox application on your home screen.

Screenshots of Firefox for iPad

Firefox for iPad

Firefox for iPad

Firefox for iPad

Firefox for iPad

Firefox for iPad

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