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GIMP for iPad is an amazing and open source tool for creating and image editing. Download GIMP for iPad Free. The application which is running for two decades and its development was still and stable over the years. The latest update of GIMP offers a slew of new features and which looks into the future for the open source image editor. The features of GIMP app are still present with that you can create your images with some tools like airbrush, pencil, clone, and create gradients. The power user of the app can create their brushes and patterns for later use. The GIMP app iPad that lets the user manipulate images and import it into the program. Here they can crop, add text, resize, and create nested layers with that you have a way to animate your creations. The app has now enhanced with many users interface, and it tweaks to make the app which is accessible to newbies. The bigger interface of the app is it has an ability to edit in a single-window. The old version of the application criticized for their confusing interface, but now the developers were addressed by many of the issues in the newest version. With that, it has some other updated features that include easy text editing, nested layer group, and it has a shift for using Generic Graphics Library (GEGL), which is one of the most sophisticated image processing frameworks.

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

GIMP introduced GEGL just a couple of years ago, it is in a developer version, but now it is made into a stable consumer version. The developers of the app hope that they are going to move entirely to GEGL by version 2.10 and the major advantage of the GIMP using GEGL is which has an ability of non-destructive editing and high bit-depth images. The application can able to save only its XCF formats to retain its layers and other file manipulation information. So download GIMP on your iPad and experience the features.

Download GIMP for iPad now

Specifications of GIMP for iPad

Application Name: GIMP
Developer: Securenet Sistemas
Version: 5.0
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish
File size: 16.4 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.

Features of GIMP

The salient features of GIMP iPad are listed below

Convert Popular Photo Formats: The GIMP App has the capability to support all file formats for conversion which includes GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, BMP and much more.

Transformation Tools: The application which has some specific tools that are Transformation tool that is used here to transform or rotated, scale, shear, and flip.

Batch Process Images: The feature which designed with some full suite of painting tools which includes brushes, pencil, airbrush, cloning and much more.

Manipulating Software: The GIMP application developed with a procedural database for calling internal GIMP functions it can be accessed from external programs such as Script-Fu.

Image Retouching: The app which lets the user retouch your pictures with the help of Sub-pixel sampling for all painting tools which can also be used for high-quality anti-aliasing

Fix Photos: If the user needs to fix the photos easily, they have to use Easy Fix features the which includes rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy, bezier and intelligent.

Channel Mixer Flexibility: This is one of the Plug-ins which allows the user to do simple addition of file formats with some new filters.

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Download GIMP for iPad

GIMP iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.1 and later. Download GIMP for iOS here

Click the link below to Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP App for iPad

Screenshots of GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Dowmload GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

Download GIMP for iPad

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