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Google Allo for iPad is a Smart messaging mobile application developed by Google for Android and iOS. It is an instant messaging app that allows you to say more and to do more. Google Allo was announced on May 18, 2016, at Google’s developer conference and it was released on September 21, 2016. Google Allo has an amazing feature called the Google Assistant, a brilliant personal assistant that allows the users to ask questions and obtain answers from the assistant. It also has a smart reply feature that gives automatic reply suggestions that users can send instead of typing and this application is not based on social media or email accounts, it is based on phone numbers. A functionality called whisper shout helps the users to increase or decrease the size of the message to represent volume.

Google Allo for iPad

It has an another amazing feature that allows users to draw on photos before sending them. There is another mode called Incognito mode, but the mode lacks features like smart reply and Google Assistant, but this mode enables better privacy, that includes expiring chat messages, private notifications, and end-to-end encryption. A new update that was released in March 2017 helps the users to send different forms of files like PDFs, documents, APKs, Zip archives, and MP3 audio tracks, etc. A recent update in May 2017, lets the users to backup their chats, the New update added Incognito mode for group chats also, and introduced previews for links. It also added cartoon stickers on selfie photos, with an artificial intelligence technology that produces 563 quadrillion face animations.

Features of Google Allo for iPad

The top features of Google Allo for iPad are listed below

Smart Reply:  This amazing feature allows you to continue the conversation with just a single tap by suggesting text and emoji replies based on your personality.

Shout or whisper: By adjusting the size of your text you can add more meaning to your words. You no need to type in “All caps” to get your point across, Just slide up and Down, to Shout and to whisper.

Get creative with the photos: you can send photos to your friends by turning them into memes by drawing on the photos, or you can also add text.

Stickers: When words aren’t enough just add some fun to your conversations using stickers, these stickers are designed by independent artists and studios around the globe.

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Google Assistant: Simply add @google to get help from your Google Assistant, it can help you by suggesting restaurants nearby, it helps you find videos to share, get directions, and to seek answers together with your friends, etc., right in your conversation.

Chat one-on-one: You can chat one-on-one with your Google Assistant, you can ask for anything to your assistant like how far you are from the airport, etc.

Incognito mode: Using Incognito mode you can send messages with end-to-end encryption. This mode also comes with expiring chats and also with private notifications to help you keep your chats secured.

Download Google Allo for iPad:

Click the link below to download Google Allo for iPad

Download Google Allo for iPad

Screenshots of Google Allo for iPad:

Google Allo for iPad

Google Allo for iPad

Google Allo for iPad

Google Allo for iPad

Google Allo for iPad

Google Allo for iPad

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