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Google Chrome is one of the free and fastest Web Browser for iPads, and it is well known for its excellence. Google Chrome for iPad is the best alternative for Safari. Chrome is an unlimited tab browser. You can pick the history where you left on your other devices and search data with voice recognition. It also has an additional feature of reading web pages in any language. When you open a new tab, you will find your six most visited pages so that it will be useful for quick access. Unlimited bookmarking can be done with Google Chrome.

Google Chrome For iPad

An Incognito mode is available in Google Chrome which makes you work privately, and it is not necessary to access from setting. If you are using Chrome on other devices, you can just sign in and sync everything. This means you can quickly open the pages that are already open on your other chrome device.

Features of Google Chrome for iPad

Search instantly – In the same box, you can search and navigate. As you type suggestions and results will appear which includes recent search and visited websites to make you quick and easy.

Sync across device – You can access the open tabs and bookmarks from your others devices (Laptop, tablet or phone).

Type less – Small screen typing can be skipped by autofill which helps you to complete forms with just one click where autosuggestions save you time while typing URLs and searches.

Voice Search – The magic of Google voice search helps you to find answers on-the-go without using the keyboard.

Translate – You can easily read webpages in any language.

Unlimited Tabs – You can open tabs as much you can and quickly flip to others based on your requirement.

Save mobile data – Expensive mobile data plans may slow down on your web. Google Chrome’s data saver reduces your data usage up to 50% while browsing the web for Android on Chrome.

Privacy – In Incognito mode, you can browse data without saving any of your histories.

Download Google Chrome Free for iPad

Click the link below to download Google Chrome for iPad

Download Google Chrome for iPad

How to install Google Chrome for iPad

To install Google Chrome on your iPad, just follow the steps below.

  1. Download Google Chrome on your iPad from the Apple App Store.
  2. Tap Get and to install you must your Apple ID password, then click OK.
  3. Then go to your home screen and open the Google Chrome app to start browsing.

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Add Google Chrome to your Dock

Add the Chrome app to easily open it later.

  1. Touch and hold on an app to free space on your dock.
  2. Drag up the app and release it on your home screen.
  3. Touch and hold the Chrome app.
  4. Drag down the Chrome app and release it on your dock
  5. Then press the Home button.

What’s New in Google Chrome for iPad Latest Version

  • Fixes bookmark icons which were not displaying correctly.
  • In web pages, fixes phone number detection issues.
  • Fixes bugs and improve stability.

Screenshots of Google Chrome for iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

Google Chrome For iPad

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