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Google Duo for iPad is a video chat mobile application that was developed by Google; Google Duo is available on both the Android and iOS operating systems. This application was announced on May 18, 2016, at Google’s developer conference and it was released worldwide on August 16, 2016. Google Duo is a one to one video calling application useful for everyone; it is designed to be very simple, reliable and fun, so you never miss a moment using Google Duo.It helps the users to make video calls in high definition. Google Duo is very effective for low-bandwidth networks and by default End-to-end encryption is enabled. Google Duo app is based on phone numbers that allow the users to call anyone from their contact list. This application automatically switches between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. An amazing feature in Google Duo called Knock Knock feature that is exclusively available on Android helps the users to see a live preview of the caller before answering the call. A recent update in April 2017  allows users to make audio-only calls also.

Google Duo for iPad

An amazing feature in Google Duo called Knock Knock feature that is exclusively available on Android, allows the users to see live video of the caller before answering. A recent update in April 2017  allows users to make audio-only calls also. Just after two days of its release, Google Duo app came to the number one spot on Google Play store of free apps. After a month it fell to 127th place. Google Duo replaced Hangouts as part of the suite of Google apps manufacturers must pre-install on Android devices. The app is also very easy and simple to use because the interface of the app is very simple. Google Duo is very secured and safe to use.

Features of Google Duo for iPad

The top features of Google Duo for iPad are listed below

Simple interface: Google Duo has a very simple interface, with just a single tap Call any of your contacts. This simple interface brings video to the forefront.

High-quality: Using Google Duo you can experience faster, and High-quality video calls whether you are on Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Options: There are several options available in Google Duo app like the ability to turn off Knock Knock. You can limit mobile data usage, allow your phone to vibrate while ringing, you can also unregister your phone number and you can block numbers too.

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Cross platform: You can Video call to anyone of your friends on smartphones with just a single tap using this simple application.

Audio-only calls: The latest update released in April 2017  allows the users to make audio-only calls to anyone when you can’t make a video call.

Just a tap: Google Duo allows you to make calls with just a tap and also it can switch easily from cellular networks to WiFi that makes it easy to check in from anywhere.

Safe and secured: Google Duo video calls are very secured and safe to use as it is end-to-end encrypted. So using Google Duo, you can easily and safely make a video and also audio calls to your friends.

Download Google Duo for iPad:

Click the link below to download Google Duo for iPad

Download Google Duo for iPad

Screenshots of Google Duo for iPad:

Google Duo for iPad

Google Duo for iPad

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