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Internet Explorer for iPad | Internet Explorer iOS is a Classic browsing app. Download Internet Explorer for iPad Free. The Internet Explorer iPad browser developed by Microsoft Corporation and the browser that allows you to browse on online by setting the whole host options such as privacy, security, and easy use options. The latest version of Internet Explorer  for iOS is designed with the great new look, and it offers many options, and now it becomes an edge closer to its competitor. For your privacy, it has an “InPrivate” feature that is incognito, and the feature greatly appreciated with that you can open the sessions without storing the visited pages in the history and by accepting the cookies. Then the browser that allows you to customise all your privacy options where you can choose what kind of data you need to share from the site that you visit. Then the security of the application has to be defined by Microsoft, and the browser will offer more new tools such as protecting against the tracking, filtering the SmartScreen with this it lets you check the security certificates of your sites that you visit and you can avoid undesirable pages. Internet Explorer an important opportunity for Microsoft with that it can organise the system tabs in the browser. Then you no need to open a new window for every page that you visit.

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

The Internet Explorer browser will provide some more interesting options with that it has the possibilities to customise the language option which help you to choose the version to display the websites. Then here you can change the search engine settings where you can choose your favourite engine as your default search engine. Then download Internet Explorer on your iPad and experience the features.

Download Internet Explorer for iPad now

Specifications of Internet Explorer for iPad

Application Name: Internet Explorer
Developer: Microsoft
Version: 5.2
Categories: Browser
Languages: English
File size: 65.7 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Features of Internet Explorer

The salient features of Internet Explorer iPad are listed below

Hardware Performance: The Internet Explorer browsers have the hardware accelerator for video, graphics and text that used by the end users websites and the apps that acts like the application that was installed directly on their iPad. Then the high-quality videos can play smoothly in the browser, then the graphics of the app is much clear, and it is more responsive, colours were true, and the sites are also more attractive.

Performance: Then in the browser, web pages and the application were loads notably faster, and it is more responsive of its new DOM that is document object model with that it has a re-engineered layout, and it has Chakra JavaScript engine. Then the JavaScript engine of the browser that takes advantage of multiple CPU cores.

Fast Installation: The browser can be installed faster than the older version of Internet Explorer because the application upgraded and it requires some decisions, and it is less overall the time. With faster, it has more responsive web experience.

Clear Design: The application developed with clear User Interface with that it offers all the controls to support all the essential navigation, which plays a supporting role for the web pages. Then the notification of the browser will appear on the notification bar which placed at the bottom of the web browser with that it is easy to use and understand. Here the new tab of the browser will display the websites that most often visit by the users.

Rich Experience: The browser offers rich graphics with that it has an immersive experience and with hardware accelerated graphics, Direct2D graphics infrastructure, HTML video tags, Scalable Vectors, HTML5 canvas tags, and International Colour Consortium.

Related Applications of Internet Explorer for iPad

This Post is about Internet Explorer for iOS Download, the related applications of Internet Explorer are listed below

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UC Browser for iPad  is a mobile browser developed by the Chinese mobile Internet company named UCWeb

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Internet Explorer iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later. Download Internet Explorer for iOS here

Click the link below to Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer App for iPad

Screenshots of Internet Explorer

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

Download Internet Explorer for iPad

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