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Mx video player for iPad has more than 4 million customers till now. This video player can play a very important role in your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Now, this video Player can Play HD videos with Youtube streaming comes with Youtube Streaming videos and with new Themes. The best thing about this video player is that it is totally free, This video Player is the best Video Player in iTunes market who can play HD videos and also can do youtube streaming on your iOS device. It carries many attractive themes for a video player which makes this product more powerful. This Video Player is the best video player for an iOs device. If you are looking for a video player with an amazing user experience and user interface, then MX Video player will be your best choice.

MX video player for iPad

MX video Player makes video playback experience effortless and smooth as it has amazing gesture controls like You can pinch zoom, and scroll for brightness and scroll up and scroll down for volume on respective sides, you can move out of the video on the home screen etc., These excellent features makes this video player such a hit. When we talk about the user interface of this video player, it offers the best user interface that you can get in a video player. This video player can play all kinds of movie files like .3gp .avi .divx, .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm etc., And also Audio track can be dynamically changed .

Features of MX video Player for iPad

The top features of MX video Player  for iPad are listed below

Themes: This video player has different attractive themes, Example themes like CHRISTMAS based themes & many more colourful new themes.

Control: Using this video player we can control Screen Orientation, Brightness of the screen and Rotation just in a single click on the options screen.

Hardware acceleration: In this player, there is an option for hardware acceleration. This is useful when you try decoding High-Resolution Video files; this lets the GPU help with decoding instead of relying on CPU.

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Multi-core Decoding: It can support multi-core Decoding. It supports HW+ Decoder for all local files and also for network play.  MX video player can also support SW Decoder for the local files and also for network play from various remote sources through HTTP, FTP, RTSP, MMS, etc., we can use SW audio decoder instead of HW audio decoder.

Background play: It has a Background play feature, using that you can play the Audio of a video clip in the background. The users can also increase or decrease the playback speed of the videos.

Stereo mode: This player has stereo mode also that includes options for Stereo, Mono, Reverse stereo, and Auto reverse stereo.

Tools: This player helps the users with various tools like Share Delete, Rename, lock, Sleep timer, properties and settings.

Download MX video player for iPad:

Click the link below to download MX video player for iPad

Download MX Video Player for iPad

Screenshots of MX video player for iPad:

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

MX video player for iPad

Thank you for reading the post. If you have any doubt about MX video player for iPad, please comment below.

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