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Office 365 for iPad is an Office suite application. Download Office 365 for iPad Free. Office 365 iOS is an Office suite application, and it is available for low cost and utilise for Business purpose. The Microsoft Office 365 application that can able to support for a variety of flavours and the application that offers the home edition that specifically used for your personal use. The application integrated with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive and Skype. Here the Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the most common household names, but Skype and OneDrive may be not much familiar. The OneDrive of the application that helps you to sync all your files from your local machine to the Cloud with that you can access multiple devices. The home subscription of the feature that offers you 1TB of Free storage, but it is the huge amount. Then Skype is a Microsoft instant messaging app here you can send voice messages through IP phone software, which lets you send a message, conference and video conference with friends and family. Then you can install all these programs locally in five devices otherwise you can access the web application from any of your devices. The Office 365 iPad edition that lets you install all the popular Office apps in five different iOS devices without any restrictions and the devices like smartphones, computers and tablets.

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

The Office 365 application that can able to track everything seamlessly that what you are working on the iPad like uploading files to the cloud with that you can able to access the same file on your mobile device. The documents that stored in OneDrive can be edited in the cloud, either in web application otherwise open it locally by the locally installed app. The application can able to handle all the coordination and communication between your local computer and the Cloud. So download Office 365 on your iPad and experience the features.

Download Office 365 for iPad now

Specifications of Office 365 for iPad

Application Name: Office 365
Developer: Microsoft 
Version: 12.9
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English
File size: 340 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Features of Office 365

The salient features of Office 365 iPad are listed below

Co-Authoring: The Office 365 application that allowing you to collaborate online with that you can see all the changes that happen in the real-time by using coauthoring in Word, Then you can easily save files in OneDrive or SharePoint so other mates can easily work together. Then you can share your document directly from the app through the sidebar.

Chat With Co-Worker: The Skype is the new app that integrated with the  Office 365 application. Here you can choose them for a chat, Screen Sharing with that you have audio and video conversations with your office mates. Then while working you don’t want to leave the application, either you no need to close the app because here you can continue your conversation through Skype and you can continue your work with your team.

Insert Links: You just forget about the email attachments without that you can share documents with your co-worker easily. Then you can upload files in Office 365 through Cloud storage and write emails using Outlook, instead of attaching the files you can send the link to the file via the cloud. Then Outlook app will automatically provide permission to the people who were emailing, and you can change the permission when you need.

OneNote into Outlook Calendar: Here you can convert notes into tasks inside the Outlook calendar with that you can assign them to colleagues with the remainder and the deadlines. Then you can easily send the meeting notes through OneNote via email automatically by adding the details like date, location, attendees and more.

Use Mouse and Laser Point in PowerPoint Presentation: Here you can use basic shortcuts to turn your mouse into laser pointer at the time of your presentation. With that, you can also use the Presenter Mode commands, and the feature is the best part of the application, and it recently integrated with the iPad device. In case if you hold your stylus or finger just down the device then the fake laser will appear.

Power Map: It is one of the powerful and interactive data visualisation features of the Excel app, and it enhanced with Power BI, which is the solution for analysing, visualising and sharing data insights. Then the app that lets you turn the rows of data into the 3d interactive map with the help of Power Map, that helps you to improve the ability of the filter data using three different filters they are List, Range, or Advanced.

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This Post is about Office 365 for iOS Download, the related applications Office 365 are listed below

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Download Office 365 for iPad

Office 365 iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.3 and later. Download Office 365 for iOS here.

Click the link below to Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 App for iPad

Screenshots of Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

Download Office 365 for iPad

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