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Pandora for iPad is a music streaming and automated music recommendation developed by the Music Genome Project. The service is operated by the Pandora Media which is available only in Australia, Newzealand and the United States of America. Pandora plays musical selections in a genre based on the user’s artist selection. Then the user can provide either negative or positive feedback for the songs chosen by the service and then the feedback will be taken into account in the subsequent selection of another song to play. Pandora service can be accessed either through a web browser or by downloading the application.

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad is the most comprehensive music analysis ever undertaken, and it gives you the personalised the radio which plays what you love and continually evolves with your tastes. After each month the subscription of Pandora plus will be renewed automatically, and through iTunes account, your credit card will be charged. If you want to turn off,  you can disable the auto-renew at any time from the settings of iTunes account. Pandora uses a large amount of data, and carriers charges will apply. At the start of 2015, Pandora removes the lyrics from the song pages, but they returned them in July. On 2015, a new feature was added to receive notices about their favourite artists. At the same year, they designed the feature of thumbs up/down feature to allow the users to undo their action. According to the reports of the developer, by January 2015, they received over fifty million thumbs up from the users.

Features of Pandora:

The top features of Pandora are listed below

Create Personalised Stations: With Pandora create personalised stations from artists, genres, songs or comedians.

Selection of songs: You can browse hundreds of curated genre stations to find the perfect song for your activity or mood.

Pandora Plus: With Pandora plus users can listen ad-free, skip or relay all the things that you want.

Offline Mode: With Pandora, you can listen to your favourite songs in offline.

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Connect with other devices: Create a free account and listen to songs on the desktop, mobile, TVs, and other devices.

Pandora Premium: Pandora Premium is a new service priced at US$10. With this new feature, users can listen and create playlists of different songs on demand.

Suggestion Engine: The suggestion engine of Pandora will suggest and record songs and albums according to your previous related searches and will generate the playlists based on the similar songs.

Online Retailers: While listening to the songs, users can buy the songs or album from the various retailers.

Download Pandora for iPad:

Click the link below to download Pandora for iPad

Download Pandora for iPad

Screenshots of Pandora for iPad:

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

Pandora for iPad

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