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Paper for iPad | Paper iPad is a sketching application for iPad developed with advanced features. Download Paper for iPad Free. It makes your work easy with that user can sketch out their ideas without any distractions by any clutter. The app has only a few tools but which are used in a comprehensive range of pencil and with a neat ruler tool to draw some lines, arrows, shapes and much more from doodles. Paper for iOS is always known as a drawing app but in the new version which enhanced with many tools and options. The tools and options in iPhone are applicable in iPad version, but the app is designed more features of the notebook, so users will get more ideas while using the app. In Paper iOS you can easily add a photo on text, highlight the various part of the picture, comment on the image, create bullets to the list and much more. Here the user can access all the categories as before, but the interface of the application has changed. Now the users have more space to work with various views, which is similar to Streamlined Evernote in some of its options but Paper is little elegant in design.

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Paper is one of the best application for iPad now it is going to be more attractive than before which is came to know by the announcement that the full set of drawing tools will be packed as a free app for your iPad. Before user needs to pay $0.99 for each in app purchase such as Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, Mixer tools and more are available on Paper. In the app, the user can also add watercolor paintbrush, a sketching pencil, a marker, a ballpoint pen, and to the app’s default fountain pen. So download Paper on your iPad and develop your ideas and creativity.

Download Paper for iPad now

Specifications of Paper for iPad

Application Name: Paper
Developer: FiftyThree, Inc.
Version: 3.6.10
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
File size: 134 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of Paper

The salient features of Paper iPad are listed below

Swipe to Style: The Paper’s Swipe to style feature which helps in creating checklists and notes faster with that it will give more fun than other apps. Then the spotlight tool in the photo that helps you to clarify all your details quickly in the photo.

Connect: The Connect feature which lets the user collect all the Text, Photos and Sketches together on a single page. Here the tool which helps in organizing your ideas and you can see everything in a single place, but it cannot see the siloed list.

Communicate: Paper app has a unique feature called visual note with that you can design your ideas quickly and precisely. The application allows the user to project their ideas in anyways such as professional format, PDF, Keynote and as well as in Powerpoint presentation

Notes: The developers of Paper has found a simple way to take notes on the touch device. Here if the user swipe right you can create your checklist and if you move left it can create titles which put some fun to get the stuff done.

Photos: In the application with the help of enhanced drawing tools the user can draw on the photos and use Spotlight to identify the details quickly. The user can design it from the ground to save, and you can send a pack of an impatient text message.

Sketches: With the help of Paper’s world-class drawing tools you can create sharp diagrams, charts, drawings and much more. When using this app nobody will come to know that you are not on your desk.

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Download Paper for iPad

Paper iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later. Download Paper for iOS here

Click the link below to Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper App for iPad

Screenshots of Paper

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

Download Paper for iPad

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