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Papers for iPad | Papers iPad is an amazing personal library reference manager application. Download Papers for iPad Free. With Papers for iOS, you are all the way connected to the research right from your iPad. In simple, the app lets you find, read, cite, organize, share and sync all your research papers at any time from anywhere. Papers app stays with you by providing reference whenever research leads you. It is very much easy for you to collect and curate the research material that you are passionate about. Papers iPad effectively searches 20+ search engines simultaneously to provide multiple references. Save your time while finding materials as you will be getting references from arXiv and Google Scholar to PubMed and Scopus. With the Papers app for iPad, you can quickly read on the go to make your research as mobile as you are. You can highlight, underline, strikethrough, add sticky notes, read, annotate, do the freehand drawing, and more to keep connected with your key findings.

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Papers let you organize the library by taking advantage of the full-screen reader. Structure your library of research according to your preferences with the support of 85 document types. Papers for iPad will keep all your personal library and personal notes synchronized across all your devices. You can format references using one of the 7,000+ citation styles. Irrespective of using the existing style sheet, or your own custom-made style, citing has never been so easier without the Papers app. You can easily import Word, PowerPoint, and other document files right on your iPad with Papers app library and organize them as like your PDFs. The reference manager app also supports cloud synchronising, and thus all your latest research material will be available at your fingertips.

Download Papers for iPad now

Specifications of Papers for iPad

The key specifications for Papers iOS are listed below

Application Name: Papers
Version 3.4.8
Categories: Productivity
Languages:  English
File size: 104 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later

Features of Papers

The salient features of Papers for iPad are listed below

Ultimate Reference Manager: Papers for iPad is an ultimate personal library reference manager app that is designed to improve the way you find, organize, read, cite, share and sync your research paper.

Multiple Search Engine Support: It is easy to search across all your favourite search engines including PubMed, Google Scholar and ArXiv in one go. With the federated search, multiple results can be easily imported directly into your library with a single click and thereby saves your search time.

Read on the Go: Focus on the task at hand by continue reading from where you have left off with the full-screen reader. You can navigate through your table of contents and notes easily, and thus Papers app make your research mobile.

Organized Library: You can search, save and import your research materials quickly. Papers app will automatically rename and organizes documents in smart, manual and shared collections according to your preferences with the 85 document types support.

Citing made Simple: With Papers iPad, citing made simpler as the app lets you format references using any of the 7,000+ citation styles. Magic Citations makes a difference in the existing style sheet, and custom-made style as research is beyond the manuscript writing.

Import & Download: Import any word document, powerpoint, and other files and organize them just like the PDFs. Find and download the PDF automatically for references you import from search engines when the full-text is made available.

Your Personal Notes: You can swipe to highlight, underline, or strikethrough multiple passages. There are even options to add freehand annotations and sticky notes. Switch between several documents with tabs.

Make the Right Match: Get to know more information about the document by viewing your metadata card. Keep your library clean as you can match metadata or inspect your notes, or add keywords and apply labels.

Stay Synchronized: Keep all your personal library synchronized from across all your devices as Papers offer cloud storage syncing via Dropbox, and local Wi-Fi network. Share them with your Mac PC and other iOS devices to have your latest research material stay with you.

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Download Papers for iPad

Papers iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.3 and later. Download Papers for iPad here

Click the link below to Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers App for iPad

Screenshots of Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

Download Papers for iPad

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