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Showbox for iPad is an amazing entertainment application that lets the user watch their favorite movies and TV Shows, cartoons and serials that they follow daily. Download Showbox for iPad Free. Most of the people in this world using smartphone which helps you in reducing waste of time and it will entertain the user. Now we are going to explore on Showbox application in iOS operation system device like iPad, iPhone and more. No matter that you are using which smartphone you can install Showbox iPad with that, you will enjoy all the unlimited entertaining stuff. All the tutorials already are written for Andriod users with that you can download and install the app on your iPad and enjoy the features. Now the user can install the embellishing app on your iPad by using the tutorial for the complete installation of this app and create a new world with this app. The wonderful thing about the technology which will bring the full pack of entertainment to the users. It offers the great source of entertainment with that it lives up to the expectation of ours for entertainment. They will launch different styles of movies, and the people have a different choice, and even everyone has different taste in movies so that you can get every thing in a single app. Here some of the people may be the great fan of comedy which will keep them laughing, some people like love action because it has a kick, but some one will love horror love movies we get goosebumps. Apart from all of this, there is just entertainment, but movies are a lot more than just plain entertainment with that it also considers as a medium to spread the information such as social issues, sci-fi, and mishap.

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

All the user must know that Showbox application is quite popular with every one of us and they use it on the electronic devices to watch movies, TV serials and cartoons. It is one of the movies and TV serials streaming application which will offer more than 300 thousand movies of all time with that it also has serials and cartoons. Here the app which lets the user download their favorite movies and also the TV serials absolutely for free. The major point of the application is that it won’t charge you for any thing even if the user downloads anything. So download Showbox on your iPad and experience the features by watching movies and your favorite shows.

Download Showbox For iPad now

Specifications of Showbox for iPad

Application Name: Showbox
Developer: Jianghai Nie
Version: 2.5
Categories: Utilities
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
File size: 69.6 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later

Features of Showbox

The salient features of Showbox iPad are listed below

No Streaming: The Showbox application that does not allows the user to stream the movies or the TV shows on good quality, but it allows the user to download all their favorite movies just for free.

No Login: Once the user installed the app on the iPad they no need to sign in or sign up for the application regularly, and it not required for the app.

Free App: The Showbox application is entirely a free application it does not add any additional charges it says that the application is completely free to use.

Interface: The application which developed with a beautiful interface with that it also got a quite impressive and simple user interface.

Search Engine: Here you have a search engine with that it lets the user search their favorite movies apart from the database, and it would be quite easy to find their movies.

Personalized List: The app that lets the user create their personalized list, where they can save all their favourite movies and TV Serials as they wish.

Play Tools: When you were streaming the movie it allows the user to pause, rewind, fast forward, play and more, then it is a quite impressive and vital feature of the app. It also has movies and TV Serials all the time.

Auto Update: It has designed with auto-update engine so it can update on a regular basis with that it will bring the load of new movies in every update.

Quality Selection: The Showbox application allows the user for selecting the quality to download or stream the movies. The here you can also search the movies by their genre.

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Download Showbox for iPad

Showbox iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later. Download Showbox for iOS here.

Click the link below to Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox App for iPad

Screenshots of Showbox

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

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