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Telegram for Mac is an amazing Social Network application. Download Telegram for Mac Free. Telegram is the first application offers a desktop version, and it focused on its security messaging. The application may be light on features while comparing with other apps such as Skype and more. If the user needs you use their Telegram on their desktop they must already have an account on their Android, iOS or in the Windows Phone. After that, once your verification got done through your Mobile app now you are ready to chat. Then the app which lets the user easily send messages to all your mobile contacts with that you can send an unlimited number of audio and video files and also you can add or insert emoticons and stickers of the world famous leaders like Gandhi and more. The application that integrated well with other social networking services like  YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter and it will show the previews of the content that you have shared in the app. The Voice and Video call features are currently not available for the desktop versions. Once your mobile contacts are synced automatically to the desktop version with that here, you can search for additional people through their usernames. Here you can also edit the notification settings for each and individual contacts with that you can effectively mute the particular friend who was sending too many messages.

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

The strength of the Telegram application is a group chat, it not like other messaging apps here you have more than one administrator. The administrator of the group can able to change the photo and names of the group with that they can add and delete members. The app that allows you to create a group of peoples up to 1000. Telegrams major point is security, and there is no difference in desktop version. Here the messages are encrypted in the cloud so there no secret Chat. So download Telegram on your Mac and experience the features.

Download Telegram for Mac now

Specifications of Telegram for Mac

Application Name: Telegram
Version: 3.2
Categories: Social Networking
Languages:  English, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
File size: 19.1 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.11 or later

Features of Telegram

The salient features of Telegram are list

Rapid: The Telegram application is the fastest chat application on the market which helps you to connect with the people with some unique distributed network through the data centers around the world.

Synchronizing: The application can able to sync with all the devices easily at once and here you can start your message on your Mac, and you can finish your messaging on the iPad or your laptop without losing your data.

Unlimited: Here it allows you to send unlimited media and files in their format and size. The chat history of the app will not consume any disk space on your Mac, and it will be stored securely on the Telegram’s cloud.

Security: The mission of the application is to provide the best security for the users, and it will be quite easy to use. All features of the app including media, chats and more fully encrypted by the combination of 256it symmetric AES encryption 2048-bit RSA encryption and with Diffie–Hellman for secure key exchange.

Power: The application which allows you to create group chats till 5,000 people with that you can share large videos and documents in any format so here you can set bots for specific tasks.

Reliable: The app is quite reliable than the other chat app because you will deliver the messages in minimum bytes and it is one of the most reliable messaging application so it can easily work on the weakest data connection.

Fun: The Telegram application designed with more powerful and effective video and photo editing tools and it has its open stickers and GIF platforms to show your expression.

Simple App: The application which provides a unique array of features, so the users of the app have to take care to keep the interface clean with its minimum design, the app is quite comfortable and easy to use.

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This Post is about Telegram for iOS Download, the related applications of Telegram are listed below

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Download Telegram for iPad

Telegram is compatible with the iOS version of 10.11 and later. Download Telegram for iOS here.

Click here to Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram App for Mac

Screenshots of Telegram

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

Download Telegram for Mac

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