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XBMC for iPad Free Download: XBMC for iPad | XBMC iPad is one of the free and open-source media players application for the iOS platform. Download XBMC for iPad Free. With the XBMC iPad app, you can play almost all types of video, audio, and image files. XBMC is a multimedia center to play videos and music on your iPad. It is an ultimate hub for all media that is easy to use. Kodi was previously known as XBMC and is a versatile and extremely popular media player application. The Kodi app is an award-winning media center app that will let you play all of your multimedia content without any hassle. With the XBMC iPad app, you can view and play a vast library of files other than videos and music like podcasts, and videos from the web, digital media files available in the storage of your iPad. The sophisticated library management system lets you organize all your media to give you quick and immediate access. XBMC iPad app has the support for an almost endless range of remote controls. It even comes with a beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine that gives you ease to use from your fingertip.

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

XBMC iPad app is specially designed for the network playback and thus letting you stream any multimedia from anywhere or directly from the internet that is running under any protocol available. With XBMC app, you can play CDs and DVDs from the disk or image file. It even provides the support for the files inside ZIP and RAR archives. Download XBMC iPad app as it scans all the media and automatically creates a personalized libraryXBMC app has many customization options that let you personalize the program. With the plug-in, you can let the program adapt to online content services like video-streaming, Spotify and more. Although XBMC was developed for the desktop operating systems, it is made available to the mobile operating systems including iOS.

Download XBMC for iPad now

XBMC for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: XBMC
Developer: XBMC
Version: 17.6
Categories: Entertainment
Languages: English
File size: 77.98 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Features of XBMC for iPad

The salient features of XBMC iPad are listed below

All-In-One Media Center: XBMC is an excellent, a free, open source, and multi-platform media center application that lets you quickly play any type of media contents.

Supported Formats: With XBMC iPad download, you will let enjoy playing and viewing almost all file formats like videos, images, music, podcasts, and videos from the web, and even more.

Customized Access: XBMC iPad app has come up with many customization options, and that will allow its users to make use of the program in a personalized way.

Plug-In Support: You can make the program adapt to the most popular online content services like the video-streaming, Spotify, Grooveshark, and more.

Video Playback: Browse videos by different categories like title, genre, title, year, actors and directors. The Video Library is a key feature of XBMC and is one of the metadata databases.

Audio Playback: The Music Library, a metadata database of XBMC is one another key feature of XBMC. It includes music collection that allows searching and creating the smart playlists.

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Download XBMC for iPad

XBMC app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 11.0 and later. Download XBMC for iOS here.

Click the link below to Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC App for iPad

Screenshots of XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

Download XBMC for iPad

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